Division II

Dr. Ulrich Theileis

Vice Chair of the Board of Management

Dr. Ulrich Theileis was born on 18 March 1969 in Darmstadt. He began his career in 1989 joining Deutsche Bank AGAktiengesellschaft’s Mainline Training Course. He also read Business Studies at Bayreuth University in conjunction with Deutsche Bank’s trainee program.

His studies focussed on finance and accounting and after gaining his Masters in Business Studies, in 1996 he returned to the Rhein-Main area commencing audit training with Deloitte & Touche Germany (formerly WEDIT).

Dr. Theileis qualified as an auditor in 2000. His main duties as Senior Manager at Deloitte’s initially encompassed auditing the annual accounts of banking and financial services companies. On his promotion to Director they extended to include consulting and audit duties relating to business and supervisory risk management.

In 2007 he was admitted to the Deloitte partnership assuming responsibility from the Frankfurt office for significant parts of audit and consultancy business with domestic credit institutions.

During his career Dr. Theileis maintained his association with Bayreuth, taking his doctorate in parallel with his professional activities. His dissertation on the subject of risk management was linked to his practical work in this area.

In May 2012 Dr. Theileis joined L‑Bank as General Manager with responsibility for the bank’s Market, IT and Risk Management functions, as well as accounting. 

In November 2013 Dr. Theileis was appointed to the Management Board of L‑Bank, becoming its Vice Chair in June 2015.

He leads the Business Division responsible for Housing Companies, Residential Properties, Accounting as well as Information Technology. The Security Office also reports to him.

Dr. Theileis is Member of the Supervisory Board of Baden-Württemberg International, Hypo Vorarlberg Bank AG and member of the Adminstrative Board of the Development Bank of Saxony.


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Dr. Ulrich Theileis, Vice Chair of the Board of Management

Dr. Ulrich Theileis, Vice Chair of the Board of Management

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